Our experience and expertise enable us to provide our customers with state-of-the-art web solutions. From concept to implementation, our spectrum of services makes us the optimal one-stop-shop.

We also provide business analysis, software development and implementation services for Odoo process automation for SMEs.

ERP Explained

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning helps a company to work more efficiently. How?

By linking different time-intensive and error-prone business processes, such as purchase and sales management, invoicing and customer relationship management. The entrepreneur therefore manages all workflows via one platform, and not via standalone solutions or applications from various suppliers.



Odoo eCommerce allows you to create an online store in a unique way with custom product page designs for your business.

The Commerce features are scalable for all system integrations and are easily customizable.

Customer Management Software

Beheer al uw klanten en relaties binnen één veilige omgeving. Een automatisch relatiebeheer, waarbij contactgegevens, transacties en contactmomenten centraal staan.

✔ Optimaal relatiebeheer
✔ Volledige integratie met andere bedrijfstools
✔  Voeg leads toe van verschillende bronnen 


Among the many reasons to choose Odoo for your business is the flexibility to tailor the software to your specific needs.

We do this with minimally invasive code changes that won't stop you from upgrading Odoo to future versions.

Web Services

Bij Optimaweb creëren wij aantrekkelijke, gebruiksvriendelijke dynamische websites, die snel laden en kosteneffectief zijn.

Whether this is your first website with a low budget, or a fully integrated webshop with stock and shipping management, online payment and even integrated accounting, we are your optimal digital partner.